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iBOP® Solution

iBOP® to Help You With Your Business

Allow iBOP the integrated business operational and planning tool assist you with your management of your innovative business ideas.

The tool business support tool operates within a cloud based environment, enabling access via multiple access platforms where the business can access and own the information but provide access to their advisers including accountants, consultants, bankers, lawyers, staff, investors and many other potential users. The ability to manage the user plus manage the individual access to various functionality provides flexibility and transparency of the process. Having the ability of users to work on the information of the business within a central location reduces the need to continually email documents about the business and try to successfully merge contributor comments and feedback. Providing a generic solution customisable to specific companies and industry enables the flexibility for competitive solutions for business and advisers.

iBOP® MyMoney® Personal Start Ups Established
Pitch Profile
Customisable Business Plan
Operational Analysis
Analytical Scorecard Self Assessment
Preformat Business Building Templates
Intellectual Property Assessment
Drag N Drop Format
Downloadable to word for easy edit